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Loved people of God, During the four Sundays before Christmas, we observe Advent. Advent simply means “coming.” During this season we focus minds and hearts on the coming of Jesus into the world—both his first coming in Bethlehem and his coming again on the great Day of Judgment, a day on which our Lord will establish a new heaven and earth in which there will be no more death. What a Day that will be! During this time, we will light the advent candles. The first candle will be the “prophet’s candle”(hope), the second candle will be the “Joseph and Mary candle” (Peace and Joy), the third candle will be the “shepherd’s candle” (love) and the fourth candle will be the “Wise men (Magi) candle” (worship and adoration). Then on Christmas Day we will light the “the Christ candle” that stands in the middle of the purple and rose- colored candles of Advent. Christmas means “the service of the Christ”, a day on which we tell about and rejoice in the first coming of Jesus into the world. Here are a couple of opportunities for ministry each of us has:

  1. As you enter the sanctuary to worship, notice the cradle the deacons have placed by the door. As you go in, remember to give an offering, large or small, to help folks that need some extra support.
  2. Remember our missionaries Shawna Jerch in Nepal and the Adams Family in Bolivia.

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