Church Information:



Name:     Kibbie Christian Reformed Church


Location of church [City, State/Province]:  00479 C.R. 687   South Haven, Mi 49090 (Physical)

P.O.Box 54 Lacota, MI 49063 (Mailing & Billing)

Classical Church Counselor:   Marv Hofman


Search Committee Contact:


Name: Bill Cossey


Address: P.O. Box 23 Lacota, MI 49063


Home: (269) 253-4291


Email address:


Community Setting:


Location                             Function                                 Growth


__X__ Rural                      _____ Industrial                          _____ Growing


_____ Small Town             _____ College/University      ___X_ Static  *


_____ Metropolitan           __X__ Agricultural                     ___ X  Declining *


_____ Suburban                      _____ Recreational


_____ Inner City                    _____ Military


                            _____ Small City               _____ Bedroom community


* Note: Somewhere between static and declining.


Approximate population of community: 1500


Church Profile:



We are open to:

Male and Female pastors   X

Female pastors only           £

Male pastors only              £



List all staff positions:


Position Available:   Pastor       Date of vacancy:  January, 2019


General position description: Lead Sunday services three times a month, provide biblical counseling, perform weddings and funerals and be able to equip & guide the Kibbie church family with our vision and mission into the future.


Full-time or Part-time [F or P]: Part-time


Bi-vocational position [Y or N]: Y ~ we are open to the possibility.


Number of years preferred of ministry experience of potential candidate: The candidate should have at least some seminary training or Bible college training and/ or life experiences that provide a sound basis for ministry at Kibbie.



Required languages: English (Spanish would be helpful)


Have you completed the Denominational Survey conducted by the Center for Social Research £


If yes, post link to it here: As of yet this has not been completed.




Church Demographics:



Profile of church members:



0-11 0%   12-18 10%   19-24   10%   25-34   13%   35-49   23%   50-64   27%   65+   27%




15% Business       15% Professional      15% Trades        % Stay-at-home parent


5% Agriculture         40% Retired           % Student     10% Other


Percentage of members belonging to the congregation:


Less than 5 years     3%


5-10 years                      7%


10 or more years            90%


Racial/Ethnic composition of congregation and surrounding community: African American 5%   Hispanic 5%   Caucasian 90%  




Composition of congregation:

Mono-Cultural                                                   £

Multi-Cultural                                                   X

Specific Ethnicity (specify: ____________)    £



List the last three persons in this position:


1.Gerrit Haagsma

  1. Ron Hassel

3 Ken Kruitoff




How are members involved in planning and participation in the liturgy/worship?   We have a worship team which involves our pastor.



Describe the worship services in your church: Traditional




Describe the discipleship practices in your church for all ages of members and attenders:  Although there has been no formal discipleship, we’ve had Sunday school, bible studies, fellowships and some informal mentoring that has proven to lift us toward Christ.







Present annual budget: $72,400.00


Last year’s annual budget: $93,260.00


Percentage of financial obligations met (last complete year reported):


Budget 84%


Denominational Ministry Shares     0%


Classical Ministry Shares                      0%


Amount contributed above budget and ministry shares:  0%


Specify (optional):  n/a





Describe facilities: Our building is a beautiful, debt free, single story structure that is handicapped accessible with a nursery, offices, library, classrooms, three bathrooms and a non-commercial kitchen. The large fellowship hall and a beautiful sanctuary are definite features of the facilities.



Are your buildings adequate for your ministries?




If no, please explain:



Is a building program projected?


There is no current plan for building.


If yes, describe what and when:



Does the church own a parsonage?





     Location of office or study:


Located within the church building.




The salary range we are prepared to offer our new pastor is based on the CRC Minister Compensation Survey for our area:        £


If other, please specify: $25.00 per hour part time. Based on 25 Hours per week $32,500.00 + FICA tax $2,478.00 = $34,978.00 annually.





  • Housing allowance


  • Parsonage only


  • Either of the above


Benefits and expenses:


£      Pension


£      Medical insurance


£          Life insurance


£      Social Security or Canada Pension


X      Travel/mileage   *accountable reimbursement


£      Continuing Education funds


£      Continuing Education time allotted


£      Sabbatical policy in place


____________________        Annual vacation (# weeks)


____________________        Other (please specify) __________________________




Church Characteristics:

[Check which one(s) are closest to your church’s characteristics]




The community         The community   The community and             Current members                   Current

exclusively                  primarily               current members /                  / participants              members                                                                                                                           participants equally              primarily                      / participants



External          ________                         __________        _____ ___                              ___ X __               _____ Internal




Designed for               Emphasis on        Unchurched and       Emphasis on        Designed for

unchurched                unchurched          believers                      believers                believers


Unchurched   _________                 _________           ________                         ___X__                 _______         Churched



In our church, the STYLE OF MUSIC used in the worship service is

Contemporary           Mostly                         Blended                Mostly                                Traditional

contemporary                                            traditional


Contemporary    ___________            ___________            ___ ___                ____ X____               _______  Traditional



In our church, LEADERSHIP is generally provided by the

Predominantly lay     Frequently lay      Lay leaders and         Lay leaders function     Predominantly

leaders                               leaders                   pastoral staff share         under the pastoral            pastoral staff                                                                                                                  leadership                          staff

Congregational                                                                                                                                                                 Pastoral

Members              _________                 ________             _____X___                      _______                      ___            staff



Our church seeks to ENCOURAGE SPIRITUAL GROWTH through

No specific            Ministries for a     Ministries for              Ministries for        Ministries for all

ministries               few groups            selected groups          most groups          groups


Informal               ___ ___                 ___ ___                 ____ X____               _________           ________             Formal




Predominantly     Generally              Equal                     Generally        Predominantly

unplanned                  unplanned                  emphasis              planned           planned


Unplanned           _________           ____X__               ________                   _______         _______                      Planned





Our church is representative of the ECONOMIC DIVERSITY of our community

Strongly                 Mostly                         Moderately          Mildly                    Weakly

representative             representative            representative            representative            representative


High                      ________                   ___ ___                ___ X__               _______               ______                        Low

representation                                                                                                                                                             representation



Our church is representative of the ETHNIC DIVERSITY of our community

Strongly                 Mostly                         Moderately          Mildly                    Weakly

representative             representative            representative            representative            representative


High                      ________                   ________                   _______               ___  __                  ___ X__                      Low

representation                                                                                                                                                             representation





Commitment to         Encouragement of           Church-based and    Encouragement of    Commitment to

church-based action       church-based action        personal action          personal action          personal action


Church-based      _______                      _______                      ___ X___             ___    __                ______     Personal



Our church’s MISSIONAL FOCUS is

All local          Mostly local         Equally local and                   Mostly             All global

global                                 global


Local        _______         ____ X____         ___ ____                     _______         _______               Global








Do you have a recently articulated mission/vision for ministry? [Y or N]  Yes


In what ways does your church participate in ecumenical activities? We host community services during Thanksgiving, Christmas, Good Friday & Easter. We invite ministries such as the Gideons International, Teen Challenge & We Care to our church.  Also, we participate in the “Operation Christmas Child” program thru Samaritans Purse, the ladies quilting group in support of Sylvia’s Place and with Route 66 men’s group for handicap ramp building.



Reflect on your strengths/gifts as a church: We are a caring and giving church.



Reflect on your passions as a church: We desire to see people throughout every generation encounter God and experience the grace of God.  Furthermore, we strongly cling to what the Bible says about the church being the family of God and that we are all brothers and sisters in Christ.  Because of this, we are constantly pursuing strong relationships with one another characterized by deep intimacy, honest authenticity and richly lavished with the grace that God gives us.




List specific problems with which your congregation struggles: People working as individuals, wanting a committee structure, lack of member participation, and gossip.




What has been the most interesting and challenging event in the life of your church in the last three years? Our pastor accepted a call to another congregation, transitioning from our old ways into the new vision and mission of Kibbie.



List major goals that this congregation has set for itself or opportunities the congregation anticipates: Becoming a more viable church and achieving a greater partnership with our friends in Principe’ de Paz to reach our community.



Describe what being Christians of Reformed accent means to you:

We believe by the message of Holy Scripture, that God loves his world so deeply that he sent his Son Jesus to redeem it.  We believe that, by this powerful love alone, demonstrated by Jesus’ death and resurrection, we are forgiven and made new.  And we believe that by the Holy Spirit, God is renewing his fallen world until Jesus returns.  This is both our hope and our mission.


Describe your understanding of the relationship between the local church and the Christian Reformed denomination:

Kibbie was founded by Faith CRC of Holland and they have continued to support and encourage us through our journey to becoming an established CRC church in 2015. 



Identify some of the cultural challenges facing Christians and Christian churches today:

Materialism, political divisions, the lack of the desire by the younger generation to be involved in the church.


What have been the three most important events in the history of your church?

  • 1959 Kibbie started as a mission church of the CRC.
  • 1972-1974 Faith CRC began furnishing full-time pastors & purchased the Grange Hall for Kibbie.
  • 2008 New church building completed for Kibbie.
  • 2015 Kibbie became an established church member of the CRC.





How many council members does your church have? Five



What is the length of term for council members? Three years



How often does the full council meet? Monthly and as needed



What subgroups of council exist, how do they function and how often do they meet?

Deacons, Benevolence, Elders, Hospitality, Education, Worship, Building & Grounds, Financial & Executive committees all which meet regularly.







When completed, email finished profile to: