Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, Kibbie church has decided to postpone all events and services until further notice. We will be posting services online. Either through Facebook or the kibbiechurch.com website. We are still available through phone, email or contact through this website. We as a church and congregation desire to continue to support each other and the neighborhood around Kibbie with any needs that will come up during this time. If you have an ability or desire to help others leave us a phone or email message. If you know of anyone who has any needs or you personally need any assistance leave us a message. We hope to be holding services and events again soon, but if there is anything we all can do anything to support each other in this time let the church or any member of the church know. I appreciate your time and patience.

Leave a phone message on the church’s voicemail at: 269-637-6575

Send us an email at: kibbiechurch@gmail.com

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