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Join Us Every Sunday @ 11:00 AM For Worship

In Person

Come visit us (directions) and RISE to the challenge!
R – Reach out to the world
I – Imitate Jesus’ life
S – Study His Word
E – Extend a welcome to everyone

We will greet you like family!
We believe that all are welcome, all the time.
There is no dress code, wear what you feel most comfortable wearing.

Bible Study every Tuesday at 7pm
Contact us (here) for details and online link.

Principe de Paz los domingos a las 4pm
Estudio biblico a las 3pm
Principe de Paz Facebook community (here)

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March 15, 2022 in Information

Support the people of Ukraine through the Christian Reformed Church’s World Renew

World Renew, HDC's denominational and global ministry partner, is a member of the Integral Alliance; through fellow members with on-ground partners in the Ukrainian region, World Renew is working…
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