Children’s Worship Center

Young children and worship describes an exciting way children experience God while learning about God.  Young children and worship use a sensorimotor style of story telling as a primary means for encountering God.  So God is experienced not just learned about.  It gives appropriate freedom so young children can respond to stories of God through continually working with the story figures and art materials.  The young children and worship experience is primarily visual, oral and kinesthetic.  The children experience wonder, mystery and the presence of God.  In the Worship Center we focus on the foundational and essential components of worship.  Also on the biblical stories that give content to the images, symbols and actions of worship.  We follow the church year.  It tells time by celebrating the events of Jesus’ birth, life, death, resurrection, ascension and the gift of the Holy Spirit.  We encourage families with young children to come and visit.  We are Excited to share the stories!

Our children’s worship center is for ages 4-8 yrs of age.  And is held during the school year.