Children’s Message October 23rd, 2022

In the beginning God gave us our biggest gifts, the gifts of light and water, earth and people. And God said, “ They are very good.” But the people grew wicked and did bad things.
God was very sad. Everything that was good and clean and new at creation seemed spoiled. But there was one good family. There was the mother and father Noah. God said to Noah, “I will send a great flood of water to wash everything clean and to make it new again. Build an ark…..”
I wonder how it felt to be in the ark in all that rain?………
I wonder what it was like to be surrounded by so much water?…
A rainbow is God’s word of love to the world. The rainbow is a Christmas picture, an Easter picture, a Valentine in the sky. God’s love can be felt in the wind or a twinkling star.
I wonder how many colors make a rainbow?……. I wonder who has never seen a rainbow?…… I wonder why rainbows need a cloud?……
What if we had a church service under a rainbow?……
What if rainbows could stay for a whole day?……..
What if you could hear a rainbow whisper?…….
A rainbow is a bridge under which to feel safe!