Children’s Message January 22nd, 2023

This is the season of Epiphany. Epiphany is a strange yet wonderful word. It means to see more clearly more truly like God sees the world. It means to see the ordinary things in life a little differently, with Epiphany eyes.
Our story for the third Sunday of Epiphany is The Boy Jesus in the Temple.  Once every year the people of God go up to Jerusalem to celebrate the feast of the Passover, to remember how God led them through the waters to freedom. Jesus was old enough to go to the temple. Jesus went to the temple to talk to God. Jesus stayed listening and conversing with the teachers in the temple.
Mary and Joseph started home but could not find Jesus. When they finally found him in the temple, Jesus was confused as to why they were looking everywhere for him.
The boy Jesus grew to be a man. He grew taller and stronger. He grew in wisdom and love, and he was loved by God and loved by people.
I wonder how Jesus felt when he was finally old enough to go to the temple all by himself?……………
I wonder how Mary and Joseph felt when they couldn’t find Jesus?…….
I wonder why Jesus was surprised when his parents didn’t know where he was?……………