Children’s Message February 19th, 2023

This is the season of Epiphany. ( seventh Sunday)It is a time when we look at ordinary things and see them in new or different ways. More clearly and dearly like God sees the world.
Once there was someone who said such amazing things and did such wonderful things, that people began to follow him. One day a lawyer asked him, “What is the most important law?” And he answered, “ You already know.”
The lawyer said, “Yes. We are to love God and love our neighbors…… But who is my neighbor?”
So Jesus told this parable about the Good Samaritan.
I wonder if the person who was left by the side of the road half dead has a name?……………
I wonder where the road is really going?
I wonder what God’s heart looks like?…………..
I wonder why God loves us so much?………..
What if we could see inside God’s heart?…….
The heart is a room in which God visits us.