Children’s Message February 5th, 2023

This is the season of Epiphany. ( fifth Sunday) Epiphany is God revealed to us….. how can we see God more clearly more dearly in our everyday lives and ordinary things?
We need “Epiphany Eyes” where we look at ordinary things and see how God sees the world.
Gods story today is the Parable of the Mustard Seed. Parables are like presents. They have already been given to us. We can’t buy them, or take them, or steal them. They are already ours. Parables sometimes seem to have lids on them. But when we lift the lid of a parable there is something special inside.
Once there was someone who said such amazing things, and did such wonderful things, that people began to follow him. As they followed, he told them about a kingdom: the Kingdom of Heaven. But they did not understand. They had never been to such a place. And they didn’t know anyone who had. They didn’t even know where it was. So one day, they simple had to ask him, “What is the Kingdom of Heaven like?”
And he said, “The Kingdom of Heaven is like a grain of mustard seed………
I wonder if these birds have names?…….. I wonder how the birds feel about the tree?…….. I wonder where the birds were coming from?……