Children’s Message March 26th, 2023

This is the season of Lent….. the time we get ready to celebrate the mystery of Easter…… the time we are all on the road to Jerusalem. But who will show us the way? Jesus shows us the way.
As Jesus traveled to Jerusalem crowds of people came to hear his words. As people began to follow him, he told them about a kingdom: the Kingdom of Heaven. But they did not understand. They had never been to such a place. And they didn’t know anyone who had.
So one day he said, “ The Kingdom of Heaven is like this: Once a person invited many people yo a great feast. But they all made excuses. So the master said, “ Go to the streets and alleys of the city and bring in the poor….. the crippled….. the blind…. And the lame….but still there was room. Go out to the highways and roads and get people to come, so my house will be filled.
I wonder how it felt to be invited to this great feast?……..
I wonder why some people came and others did not?……
I wonder how the master feels about the guests?…….
I wonder how many could really be around the table?………