Children’s Message May 7th, 2023

This is the season of Easter, when we celebrate the mystery that Jesus died and God made him alive again. We shout and sing our Alleluia’s!
During the Easter season, the children hear again the parable of the Good Shepherd. This time we link the parable with the Lord’s Supper. We tell the story using three-dimensional figures on two green felt covered circles. One one circle is the sheepfold with the sheep and the Good Shepherd. One the other circle is a table with a special plate and cup. Last week we moved the sheep from the sheepfold to the table. This week the story is repeated, and this time the sheep are exchanged for people including children. One of the people of God, comes and says the words of the Good Shepherd. Thus the meaning of the sacrament of the Lord’s Supper is experienced by the children.
I wonder if these people have names?……..
I wonder if the people have names?….
I wonder if you have ever been close to this table?……
I wonder where this whole place might really be?…….