Children’s Worship May 28th, 2023

Today is the day of Pentecost, when we remember how God gave us the gift of the Holy Spirit so we can say and do the wonderful things that Jesus did.
It happened after Jesus went away. The people of God were in Jerusalem….. to celebrate the great thanksgiving feast called Pentecost. They came from every country.
Jesus’ friends were in Jerusalem too. They were waiting for the gift God promised to send, the gift of the Holy Spirit.
On the very day of Pentecost….. Jesus friends were altogether in one place when suddenly they heard the sound of a great, wild wind that seemed to fill the whole place where they were. And then there was fire…. they saw bright flames of fire settle on each one who was there.
And they felt it….. God was near! The Holy Spirit had come. Then they became excited and began talking…. first to each other probably…. to say…. Do you feel it? Do you hear it? Did you see it?
And then they spilled out in to the streets and began telling anyone who would listen to them, “God is near…. We feel it…. We know it…. God is near…. And Jesus lives.”
I wonder what it felt like to receive the gift of the Holy Spirit on Pentecost?………….
I wonder how they really knew this was the Holy Spirit?……….
I wonder what the Holy Spirit wants us to do with God’s gifts?………..