Pastor Job Description

Job Description of Kibbie CRC Pastor (25 hours per week)

  1. The candidate should have the following experience, skills and commitments:
  2. Experience: The candidate should have at least some seminary training and life experiences that provide a sound basis for ministry at Kibbie.
  3. Skills: The candidate
    1. should have good “people skills”
      1. Active listening skills
      2. Conflict resolution abilities
      3. Ability to
      4. Preach effectively and Biblically consistent with the doctrinal standards of the Christian Reformed Church.
      5. Lead groups

iii. Delegate responsibilities

  1. Oversee accountability
  2. Listen actively and provide sound counseling.
  3. Use technology (skills helpful but not required)
  1. Commitments: The candidate should have a commitment to
  2. Personally grow spiritually (see B.1 below)
  3. Train leaders and congregation (“equip the saints”).. Ephesians 4:12
  4. To grow in faith, love unity, Biblical knowledge and prayer
  5. To minister to the congregation and community in ways consistent with the mission and vision of Kibbie.
  6. Subject to the direction and recommendation of the Church Council and consistent with the mission and vision of Kibbie, the Pastor will undertake the following responsibilities:
  7. Maintain a daily practice of personal spiritual growth through prayer, Bible study, devotional readings or other means and report briefly but regularly to the Council and/or assigned elder regarding insights, growth or struggles.
  8. Preach weekly (and other special occasions as may be appropriate) with the exception of one Sunday a month time off to be filled with pulpit supply biblically sound sermons to communicate the word of God in ways that are understandable to the congregants and provide and encourage practical applications.
  9. Lead worship and/or work with the Worship Team to have congregants lead and/or participate in various aspects of worship, faithfully administer the sacraments, and conduct weddings and funerals, per guidelines of Council.
  10. Assure that counseling and conflict resolution is provided either by the Pastor or another appropriate church leaders ( or referral to another appropriate resource.)
  11. Attend to classis and denominational responsibilities such as attending Classis meetings.
  12. Over time to provide or arrange for the congregation and leaders to have proper training for and implement the following:
  13. Bible study(ies) and/or “care groups” so that every member and regular attendee will have someone to interact with them at least monthly.
  14. For those hospitalized or “shut in” provide regular visits.
  15. Develop a significant multi dimensional outreach to the Kibbie community which would include at a minimum the following:
  16. Closer ties with and more shared ministry with Prince De Paz
  17. Promoting contact with and closer ties to Route 66 churches and other area churches to encourage shared ministry opportunities (e.g. SHAMA).
  • Delegating and/or hosting community activities to draw in community members such as picnics, potlucks, joint yard sales, and musical events.
  1. Enable and advise Church Council to make contact with former Kibbie members and attendees to understand why they may have left and invite them back.
  2. Develop an intentional strategy for evangelizing (ie spreading the gospel) in the Kibbie community and to surrounding neighborhood.
  1. Develop relationships with community organizations/businesses that would further the improvement of the spiritual health of the Kibbie family.
  • Develop or adopt counseling programs to be implemented by the Pastor or other qualified person (as needed.)
  1. Premarital
  2. Marital
  3. Profession of Faith
  4. Grief
  5. Trauma
  6. There will be an annual evaluation of the pastor’s performance and likewise the pastor will be expected to give feedback and/or an evaluation of the Council and various church teams’ participation.

Suggestions (but not requirements).  It would seem helpful, given all the forgoing.

  1. the candidate live in the South Haven area and have a family with young children