Children’s Worship August 27th, 2023

We begin a season of the Children and Worship Ministry. The Worship Center is a very special place. It is a place where children ages 4-8 can be with God. We can be with God,talk to God, listen to God and hear stories of God. So we need to show the children how to get ready to be in such a special place and be with God. Orientation to the Worship Center will begin today and continue for several Sundays.

Here are a few best practices centered around  the Worship Center orientation:

1. Respect the ways children learn materials in the Worship Center room are interactive, visual and multi-sensory.

2.Continue to provide opportunities for children to learn how their story interacts with God’s story.

3. Provides an environment that allows children to encounter the living God directly.

4. Continue to embrace the life cycle, milestones as opportunities for nurturing faith.






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