Children’s Worship September 3rd, 2023

We are still giving children orientation about the Worship Center room.  The Worship Center is a very special place. It is a special place to be with God. We walk and talk more slowly. This is a special place to be with God, to talk to God, to listen to God, and to hear the stories of God. So we need a
way to get ready to be in such a special place to be with God.
Today we will help children understand what it looks like to talk to God. There are different ways to talk with God. One way is singing. When we are with God , we are happy so we enjoy singing to God.
Another way we talk to God is through artwork. We can draw our thanks to God.
I wonder how grown up Christians get ready to be with God?……….
I wonder what you would draw when you are with God?…….






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