Children’s Worship September 10th, 2023

This week in our Worship Center room , we will again remind the children how to get ready to be with God.  The Worship Center room is a very special room to talk with God, listen to God, to be with God, and to hear the stories of God. 
We walk more slowly. And we talk more softly, because we do not want to disturb someone who may be talking to God.
Today we will focus on how we listen to God.  One of the ways we come close to God is by becoming very quiet and listening. Quietness comes from inside you, not from someone telling you to be quiet. Some people like to sing to help them get quiet inside. Some people like to make their bodies very still to help them get quiet.
I wonder how you get your body quiet inside? I wonder what God will say to you when your quiet inside?






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