Children’s Message October 8th, 2023

In Worship Center we will continue exploring parables. Parables are precious like gold. We can’t buy them, or take them , or steal them. They are already ours.
Once there was someone who said such amazing things and did such wonderful things that people began to follow him. But they didn’t know who he was. So one day they simply had to ask him, and he said,” I am the Good Shepherd, I know each one of my sheep by name. “ When one of the sheep is missing from the sheepfold, the Good Shepherd will go anywhere to find the missing sheep. And when it finds the lost sheep, even if it is very heavy the Good Shepherd brings the sheep safe inside the sheepfold.
I wonder if you have ever heard the Good Shepherd say your name?……..
I wonder how many sheep really could live in the sheepfold?………
I wonder if you have ever been lost?……..
I wonder who these sheep might really be?…..






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