Children’s Worship November 5th, 2023

Today we will continue the stories of Moses. We will hear how Moses leads the people of God out of the rule of Pharaoh.
The story takes place in the desert box.  So many important things happen in the desert that we just have to have a small piece of it in our Worship room.
The desert is a strange and wild place. It is always changing.
Pharaoh had God’s people in a trap. He would not let them go. Many terrible things happened in the land of Egypt. Finally Pharaoh said, “Go”Moses led the people through the Red Sea to freedom.
I wonder if you have ever been near a place that felt like a trap and someone freed you?……..
I wonder how it felt when God led them through the water to freedom?………
Now that the people of God are free, I wonder which way they will go?……..
I wonder how they will know the way?……






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